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With over 20 years experience in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine, Dr Martin McConaghy specialises in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

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Sports Injuries

Getting you back on the field of play quickly and safely

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are picked up during a sporting activity. The sport can be anything from a recreational jog to high-level team sports or Olympic level sports. These injuries can occur at any age and can involve any muscle or joint in the body.

These injuries can occur at any age and can involve any muscle or joint in the body. Examples of some common sporting injuries are:

  • Tendon strains (tendinopathy) – eg shoulder, elbow, knee, achilles
  • Muscle strains/tears – eg hamstring, quads, calf
  • Ligament strains/tears – eg cruciate ligaments in knee, collateral ligaments knee, ankle, wrist, thumbs, fingers
  • Cartilage damage or tear – eg knee, shoulder, hip
  • Back pain
  • Stress fractures eg shin, toes, pelvis
  • Gait problems
  • Concussion

How I can help

My aim is to return you as quickly and as safely as possible to your sport and to minimise the chances of the injury recurring again.

We start by taking a detailed history of what has happened, perform an examination, refer for investigations if appropriate, give an accurate diagnosis and plan treatment. This is to allow you to return quickly and safely to your sport and to minimise the chances of the injury recurring again in the future.

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Joint Injections

Professionally administered joint/steroid injections

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I worked for several years with Dr Martin McConaghy in my time on the Management Team with the Ulster Railway Cup Team. I always found him very professional and easy to get on with. His sports medicine knowledge and rapport with the players contributed significantly to our success

- Tony Scullion, Former County Derry Gaelic Footballer. Coach to Ulster Railway Cup Team

I first met Dr Martin when I played with Armagh back in 2003 or 2004 I had a series of ongoing injuries and niggles. I remember being frustrated and desperate to get back playing and training quickly. And I remember Martin being great as he would ask lots of questions and listen first of all to everything that was going on in regard to my injury profile. Martin would also investigate how much rest I was getting In between sessions; how much traveling I was doing and of course how much sleep I was getting. As a result of a comprehensive investigation and diagnostic, Martin created a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for me in conjunction with the physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach. After 3 months on this program I was in the best shape of my life. I know Martin has worked with thousands of athletes since I first met him and that he has worked with Ireland and Munster stars, however he is as humble and as athlete / player centered as ever.

- Enda Mc Nulty, Former County Armagh Gaelic Footballer

During Martin's time as Head of Medical here in Munster Rugby he was a key leader in the world class medical management of players. His superb clinical skills enabled us to obtain fast, accurate diagnoses on injuries and design world leading rehabilitation programs. His dedication, knowledge and understanding of sports were key components of driving excellence within the medical department.

- Damien Mordan, Head Physiotherapist, Munster Rugby
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