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With over 22 years experience in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Dr Martin McConaghy specialises in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.

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Concussion Clinic

Concussion Clinic

A concussion is a brain injury which results in temporary disturbance of brain function.

Whilst it is usually caused by direct trauma to the head, it does not have to involve head trauma. It is also often caused by a significant impact to your  upper body with forces then transmitted to your brain.

There can be multiple symptoms of concussion, each of which can be due to disturbance of a different system.

There are multiple possible causes of each of these main concussion symptoms. For example Dizziness can be due to cervicogenic causes, BPPV, vestibular dysfunction, psychogenic. Headaches can be due to cervicogenic causes, migraine, tension headaches, medication, occipital neuralgia.

My goals of the specialist concussion assessment

  1. Determine the cause(s) of the symptom
  2. Have targeted treatments to resolve that symptom
  3. Allow you to return as quickly but as safely as possible to school/work/sport.

The Concussion Assessment can include:

  • SCAT 6
  • SCOAT6                            
  • VOMS
  • Cervical Spine Assessment
  • Balance tests
  • Joint Position Sense
  • Dix Hallpike
  • Mental health questionnaire
  • Sleep questionnaire
  • Ocular training
  • Vestibular Rehab
  • Cervical spine treatment 
  • Medications
  • Sports Psychology                                           
  • Buffalo Exercise Programme


So why a Sports Medicine Consultant?

Most GPs and Hospital Drs are not trained in the specialist assessment and treatment of someone with a concussion. As a Sports Medicine Consultant I have extensive experience and expertise in managing athletes with concussion particularly from:

  • My time working as Head of Sports Medicine with Munster Rugby where concussion was a common injury
  • 10yrs working as the Armagh Senior Gaelic Football Team Doctor.
  • 5 yrs working as Chief Medical Officer with Paralympics Ireland & Irish Team Dr at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
  • I have also attended many national and international conferences to keep up to date with new developments in this rapidly changing field – the most recent ones being the SportsKongres 2024, in Copenhagen, Feb 2024 and the International Olympic Committee 7th International Conference on the Prevention of Injury and Illness in Sport, Monaco, March 2024.


Return to School/Work/Sport Protocols

If you have sustained a concussion you must have a medical assessment and medical approval before returning to sport. I use the updated SCAT6/SCOAT6 return to school and sport protocols.

Patricios J, et al. Br J Sports Med June 2023 Vol 57 No 11

If your concussion is not appropriately treated you can have long-term symptoms which can affect your health and sporting performance, increase your risk of further concussions and in rare circumstances, suffer a fatal condition called second impact syndrome.

Make a direct appointment with me in my Lurgan or Dundalk Clinics  – GP referral is not required

Dr Martin McConaghy

With over 22 years of experience in the field of Sport and Exercise Medicine, I specialise in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. All views expressed on this website are my own and are not representative of any organisation

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